About the Classical Martial Arts Club (Junpukai)

The goal of our club is to disseminate and preserve knowledge of classical Japanese martial arts. We are an official study group of the Bitchuden lineage of Takeuchi-ryu. We hold training session in the Hart House Activities Room on the University of Toronto St. George campus weekly between 9AM and 11AM on Saturdays.

What is Takeuchi-ryu

Takeuchi-ryu is a classical Japanese martial art that was founded and developed in the Warring States Period in 1532 by Takenouchi Nakatsukasadaiyū Hisamori. The style is a complete martial arts system covering various kinds of combat including unarmed combat and a range of arms (e.g., long and short sword, long and short staff, glaive, etc.). As the style focuses on training with kata, choreographed movement patterns, and on technique over raw power, it can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced martial artists alike.


Our study group was given its name, Junpukai (順風会), and given authorization to hold training sessions at the University of Toronto by Ono Yōtarō-kancho, the 16th headmaster of the Bitchu-den lineage of Takeuchi-ryu. Ono-kancho heads the Chofukan (聴風館) in Kyoto, Japan, the headquarters for the lineage. The group operates under the supervision of Alexander Kask Shihandai of the Shofukan (翔風館), located on the University of British Columbia campus in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Other schools affiliated with the Chofukan include the: