Keiko report: October 13, 2018

Attendees: Zendai, Yuchen
-Basic strikes
-‎Break falls
-Knee walking
-Basic kenjutsu

Doing techniques and kata individually can help with form and self awareness. To put them into context, however, paired practice and drills are indispensable. To this end, the basic strikes and blocks today were done paired. It might be interesting to see how other basics such as rolls and break falls can be done in a paired manner as well. I suspect there will be challenges in doing kneeling rolls and break falls in pairs, however, since there is little room to maneuver…

Partial footage of today’s session can be found at the link below:
Further footage of the session can be provided to attendees and instructors upon request.
If any attendees would like any of the footage taken down, please let me know.

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