Keiko report: October 20, 2018

Attendees: Zendai, Yuchen, Victor
-Basic strikes
-‎Break falls
-Kenbo shin (latter half)

The various kinds of bojutsu we do covers a range of lengths from longer than body height with the kenbo to 1 shaku (about a foot) at tanbo. From the basic stance to handling weapons of various lengths, the bo sets hold a wealth of information and should be thoroughly practiced. Kenbo is good for this since it can be practiced alone as long as you have a stick (a broom handle will work fine). It does not have to be of the standard length.

Partial footage of today’s session showing nihougarame is at the link below.
Further footage of the session can be provided to attendees and instructors upon request.
If any attendees would like any of the footage taken down, please let me know.

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