Keiko report: October 27, 2018

Attendees: Zendai, Yuchen, Victor
-Basic strikes
-‎Break falls
-Saide omote
-Sakushu iai
-Kenbo shin

Today, we went through the first 8 of sakushu iai and all 12 of kenbo shin. These two fundamentals are often covered early in Takeuchi-ryu along with other sets such as the first half of short sword and the basics of unarmed combat. Iai and bo are especially good to learn early as they are conducive to practicing by yourself and drill fundamental posture and good form.

Partial footage of today’s session can be found at the link below.
Further footage of the session can be provided to attendees and instructors upon request.
If any attendees would like any of the footage taken down, please let me know.

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