Keiko report: November 17, 2018

Attendees: Zendai, Victor, Yuchen, Bei, Faye
-Basic strikes
-‎Break falls
-Sakushu iai
-Kogusoku koshinomawari

Today we wrapped up sakushu iai. While we have not yet gone over the details of the kata this time, we will revisit them at a later date to fill in the gaps. Because of the large variety of material we cover, it is important to keep notes of kata we have done. In addition to serving as reminders, trying to explain the kata to yourself in the form of making notes is very helpful in taking a critical look at your understanding of it.

Partial footage of today’s session can be found at the link below.
Further footage of the session can be provided to attendees and instructors upon request.
If any attendees would like any of the footage taken down, please let me know.

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